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My Last...

Last Cigarette:: New Years Eve 2007 (going into 08) and it was really just a puff
Last Alcoholic Drink:: Last Friday 1/21, Absolut & cranberry
Last Car Ride:: From work to home
Last Kiss:: A few weeks ago
Last Good Cry:: Almost every day
Last Library Book checked out:: Don't remember, it's been a long time
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: "Let Me In" with Charles back in October
Last Book Read:: Essays for English class
Last Movie Rented:: Can't even remember. I burn my own now
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Holy shit
Last Beverage Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Food Consumed:: Bowl of Strawberry Awake cereal
Last Crush:: None... don't get those anymore, they seem pretty pointless
Last Phone Call:: Barb on Friday
Last TV Show Watched:: Scrubs
Last Time Showered:: Yesterday morning
Last Shoes Worn:: Brown Cherokee shoes for work
Last Makeup Worn:: Eyeliner
Last CD Played:: Bob Seger's Greatest Hits
Last Item Bought:: Chicken for dinner with Mom
Last Download:: Unstoppable movie for Dad
Last Annoyance:: That I have so many great things going for me, but love & relationships are the lowest they've ever been
Last Disappointment:: That I haven't been on a date in an extremely long time
Last Soda Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Thing Written:: Notes for Anthropology class
Last Key Used:: My housekey
Last Word Spoken:: Cool
Last Sleep:: Last night
Last IM:: probably Charles... ending things with him again and again and again
Last Sexual Fantasy:: *hehe* yeah like i'm going to share that here
Last Weird Encounter:: can't really think of just one
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Peanut Butter Delight... it's been a long time
Last Time Amused:: Me behind a manager's desk taking a loan application, getting it approved and then closing on the loan
Last Time Wanting To Die:: not sure
Last Time Hugged:: Mom... kind of a half-hug before she left my house
Last Time Scolded:: Can't really remember
Last Time Resentful:: Every day about something
Last Chair Sat In:: The one I'm sitting in now
Last Lipstick Used:: Friday
Last Underwear Worn:: white
Last Bra Worn:: The peach one
Last Shirt Worn:: Gray pajama shirt
Last Pants Worn: Gray lounge pants
Last Webpage Visited:: LiveJournal.com, duh
Last Jewlery: earrings, necklace
Last Hairstyle: short, bangs


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I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

January 2011

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