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Gosh haven't updated in a while, I was doing this regularly.

I just had someone in my apartment! : the Cinergy guy to reset my pilot light. I've always had a hangup on visitors coming in. But with no heat and it being 30 degrees overnight, I needed it reset. I hurried and cleaned up the catbox, picked up trash, sprayed febreeze. But I'm still paranoid. Well he came and went and I survived.

Last night was a date I had with Josh. He is really fun to hang out with, he's a movie person, like me. Odd thing is, is that he kind of reminds me also of my brother, so the goodnight kiss was very awkward. I wasn't feeling any sexual chemistry with him. I can tell he thinks of me that way, but I just can't feel that way for him. I want to continue seeing movies with him though, but I can't let him pay. That doesn't seem fair to him.

The other fling I'm having right now is going good. We have very good chemistry. And I can't let anyone know who he is, so it seems kind of dangerous. I never thought I would like the thought of sneaking around, but I'm actually really having fun with it. We're taking a little break this week... seems like when we take a few weeks off, it really tends to fuel the fire.

Ahh, the heat is on. Last night it got 51 degrees in here. Well I gotta work on my cell phone rebate form. Fifty bucks coming back to me! I'm also getting a second job again. It's the Exxon I used to work at from April 02 - Feb 03.



January 2011

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