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Last Cigarette:: Never.
Last Alcoholic Drink:: tonight, Wild Grape Smirnoff
Last Car Ride:: driving home from picking up Cassano's tonight
Last Kiss:: Mon Mar 13th
Last Good Cry:: can't really recall
Last Library Book checked out:: book on CD, forgot which one - it's been a really long time
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: Date Movie with Sam, good.
Last Book Read:: Motherhood Made a Man Out of Me
Last Movie Rented:: Prime (starring Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, good.)
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: holy shit
Last Beverage Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Food Consumed:: Pepperoni Pizza
Last Crush:: None
Last Phone Call:: Mom last night.
Last TV Show Watched:: American Inventor
Last Time Showered:: Yesterday
Last Shoes Worn:: Black Adidas Sambas
Last Makeup Worn:: Today, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush
Last CD Played:: Arctic Morning (mix cd I made, of the groups Arctic Monkeys & Morningwood)
Last Item Bought:: Clothes online at Walmart.com
Last Download:: HIM - Wings of a Butterfly
Last Annoyance:: That I let my emotions get the better of me
Last Disappointment:: that I would get to hang out with a friend, but he wasn't home
Last Soda Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Thing Written:: A check to pay my Franklin Taxes
Last Key Used:: My apt key to get inside
Last Word Spoken:: Baby Heart (my kitty)
Last Sleep:: last night; woke up an hour later than I should have for work.
Last IM:: don't remember, it's been too long
Last Sexual Fantasy:: *hehe* yeah like i'm going to share that here
Last Weird Encounter:: can't really think of just one
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Cookies & Cream - been a very long time
Last Time Amused:: watching Amazing Race with the parents, on Tuesday
Last Time Wanting To Die:: not sure
Last Time Hugged:: Justin on Monday
Last Time Scolded:: can't really remember
Last Time Resentful:: I resent ever drinking tequila
Last Chair Sat In:: The one I'm sitting in now
Last Lipstick Used:: it's one of those cheap wetslicks ones, a few weeks ago
Last Underwear Worn:: yellow briefs
Last Bra Worn:: the underwire gold 'aerosmith' designed one
Last Shirt Worn:: yellow one I sleep in
Last Pants Worn: black sweatpants
Last Webpage Visited:: livejournal.com ( love surfing around my friends entries )
Last Jewlery: watch, necklace, earrings
Last Hairstyle: straight


January 2011

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