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New Year's Eve

The New Year's Eve Party was interesting. Jess didn't come by to pick me up until 11:10! We didn't get to the party until 11:45, just to say hello to everybody and then "3.. 2.. 1.. Happy New Year!"

My blind date, Jay, was not what I thought he was going to be. He's built like Dad and he's also boring. He played football for Univ of Cincinnati and he's going to play semi-pro ball now. Yes he was very nice. And we did kiss at midnight, just to have someone to kiss I guess. I was chummy though with a few guys, I didn't act like Jay was my one and only or anything. I didn't kiss on anybody, including Jay. I just danced/hugged, that kind of thing. I made sure this one Chris guy had my # though, I might go watch him to the mixed martial arts/fighting thing.

I also spoke with Kevin. We kinda brought the subject of last weekend to the forefront. I snuck away with him just to do this, I had to talk to him. So we worked it out, pretty much.

At the party, word got around that Rob and I had gotten kinda friendly the last weekend. They were like "there's Rob's girlfriend!!" yada yada yada. I don't even think he's interested in dating me, just in having some fun with me. It was all good, we both chuckled about it later. He had been drinking since 1 in the afternoon, and I was only on #2.

Jay drove me home. I had Jess pick me up so I wouldn't have to drive Dad's van. I am very glad that I have something to get me places, but I also thought it would be best for last night to not drive. I had a little to drink.

When Jay dropped me off, he asked for my number and walked me to the door. Jess had suggested we all do a double dinner date thing. I need to let Jay know that he reminds me too much of my Dad and that I don't want to date my Dad. The weird thing is, I was going to be set up with this one guy Jess works with, Josh. When he saw my pic, he said that he reminded me of his mom, so we didn't go out.

I might go somehwere in the van today. Justin may call me later. This van looks like I could easily kidnap someone. The guy parked beside me at Wendy's kept staring at me all dressed up for the party, getting out of this white rusty kidnapper van. There's no way I can do drive-thru in that thing. It does run perfect and the radio gets real good reception.

Well that's the main recap of last night's events. Oh, and I did get in a car accident on Thurs night. Damn cellphone/radio/windy road. I went into the ditch and my left front tire got caught in it, causing me to rollover. I'm all ok, just some bruising and sore neck. I rode up to the hospital in the ambulance (both firsts for me) and that really freaked me out. I hated being all strapped to that board while all you see is the ceiling. It's like those horror movies you see about going into the mental hospital. Plus they left me in the hallway strapped to this thing for 20 minutes. And I was all alone.

Anyways, Monday/Tuesday I'm going to find out more from my insurance about my car, if it's going to be totaled or not. It's going to cost me a chunk to have it towed off the lot and parked at the parents. My dad works at home so he can talk to the insurance adjuster & claims rep when they come by. I don't even know if the towing charge is going to be refunded. If the car is not going to be totaled, but be repaired, I have $1000 deductable. That's money out of my pocket! That I don't have!

I'll post updates on the car situation. I'm not going to post too much on the Kevin situation, that'll be more of a private entry. BYE NOW!


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