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It's been eons since I've posted on here, I thought What the Hey?

Last Cigarette:: New Years Eve 2007 (going into 08) and it was really just a puff
Last Alcoholic Drink:: Vodka Cranberry, Feb 7th
Last Car Ride:: from my house to Lisa's house (that I'm house-sitting at)
Last Kiss:: Fri Feb 13th
Last Good Cry:: can't really recall
Last Library Book checked out:: Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2008
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: He's Just Not That Into You with Sammy
Last Book Read:: probably Rosie O'Donnell's Celebrity Detox
Last Movie Rented:: Can't even remember.  I burn my own now
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Holy shit
Last Beverage Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Food Consumed:: Banana
Last Crush:: None
Last Phone Call:: Karen last night.
Last TV Show Watched:: Saturday Night Live
Last Time Showered:: This morning
Last Shoes Worn:: Plain old tenis shoes
Last Makeup Worn:: Friday, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara, lipstick, the whole shabang
Last CD Played:: Mix CD's Sam made of the 90s
Last Item Bought:: I forget the name, but a thing to make your bed more comfortable, like a mattress pad
Last Download:: movie was The Changeling, song, don't remember
Last Annoyance:: That the house I'm watching has some kind of faulty alarm system on the garage
Last Disappointment:: that my best friend thinks of me as an immature person not progressing the way I should be in life and relationships
Last Soda Drank:: Diet Mountain Dew
Last Thing Written:: Updates in my checkbook
Last Key Used:: Housekey to get into Lisa's house
Last Word Spoken:: Little Man (to Lisa's kitty Duke)
Last Sleep:: Last night
Last IM:: don't remember, it's been too long
Last Sexual Fantasy:: *hehe* yeah like i'm going to share that here
Last Weird Encounter:: can't really think of just one
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Choc Chip cookie dough, it's been a long time.  I think Lisa has some vanilla in the freezer
Last Time Amused:: That Chance actually ate his daily pill in this little meat 'pill pocket'
Last Time Wanting To Die:: not sure
Last Time Hugged:: Lisa after the weight loss meeting on Tuesday
Last Time Scolded:: guess I could say by my supposed friend Jessica
Last Time Resentful:: Trying to keep my friendship going with Jessica (I'd say for a few years now)
Last Chair Sat In:: The one I'm sitting in now
Last Lipstick Used:: Friday, an Avon brand, color was wineberry
Last Underwear Worn:: black satin
Last Bra Worn:: the underwire gold 'aerosmith' designed one -- haha, this is the same for me now just like back in 2006!
Last Shirt Worn:: Mustard sweater I sleep in occasionally
Last Pants Worn: Gray soft lounge pants I sleep in
Last Webpage Visited:: facebook.com, my new addiction
Last Jewlery: necklace, earrings, rings
Last Hairstyle: wavy, bangs


wow, it's you! hi! :D
Yes, hello! I haven't been on here so long. I was trying to post a comment to a blogger.com blog and it accepted a LiveJournal login. How are you?
wow. :D I'm doin' okay...just kinda doin' my thing. what's new with you?

January 2011

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